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Real Estate Transcription

Clear and defined reports facilitate the selling and buying of properties and enhances the accuracy of a home inspection. A handwritten document makes reading difficult for the prospective buyer or seller.

TranscriptionSpot, a reliable transcription company in the US offers accurate and affordable real estate transcription services for clients - surveyors, real estate agents, advisors, brokers, inspectors, paralegals, loan consultants and sales professionals.

Our customized transcripts for property services:

  • On-Site Survey Reports
  • On-Site Inspection Reports
  • Construction Site Recitations
  • Property Related Court Recordings
  • Property Condition Report (PCR)
  • Property condition reports
  • Residential Valuation Reports
  • Property Summaries
  • Site-engineer notes
  • Construction company notes
  • Insurance Requirements

What Makes Our Service Unique?

Transcribers with clear knowledge in general and legal reports related to property matters
Excellent quality output with 3-tier QA checks
State-of-the-art transcription methodologies
Dashboard for clients to view and edit the files during or after transcription
Competitive pricing where clients save 30 to 40% on operational costs

Transcription Spot also offers trial offers and bulk order discounts.

Transcriprion Spot