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Academic Transcription

“Focus on your Data Analysis”

Academic environments need outcomes coupled by speed and accuracy primarily to avoid delays, time lapse and potential errors of self-transcription.

Transcription Spot offers specialized academic transcription services for students, teachers, professors, researchers and authors across various disciplines around the world.

Why Transcription Spot for your academic transcription needs

  • Accuracy is our core - scribed by professional experts in formats, layouts and accents
  • Quick Turnaround Time - to ensure that you gain a competitive edge in the ever growing academic research community
  • Information Security - our ISMS adherence standard ensures security of your data
  • Professional Diverse Team - our people come from diverse backgrounds like engineering, life sciences, computer science, medical, business administration

Our Academic Transcription Services

Academic Interview TranscriptionThesis Transcription
Research TranscriptionEssays transcription
Academic Research TranscriptionGroup discussion transcription
Oral History TranscriptionStudents Interview Transcription
Dissertation TranscriptionLecture Transcription
Academic symposia transcriptionUniversity Research Transcription

Trascription Spot also offers trial offers and bulk order discounts.

Transcriprion Spot