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Focus Group Transcription

Focus group interviews are usually held at the start of the research process in order to broaden the research field, identify key issues, develop themes and developing interview schedules. Focus group interviews offer a quick and efficient way to begin the research process. The discussions are moderated, are recorded, transcribed and analyzed for ideas and key issues in the research area. The recordings may go on for hours with people frequently talking out of turn, cross-talking or overlapping conversations.

Majority of researchers who use focus group transcription services are more interested in the content of the discussion as a whole in their dissertation, thesis and research projects.

At Transcription Spot, we provide top notch online transcription services and our transcribers are mostly US and English speaking who have a keen eye on the details needed for these focus group presentations and interviews.

Why Choose TranscriptionSpot?

Accuracy: Our team includes transcribers and editors who are trained and deliver high quality transcripts. Proper references are made and transcribed with accuracy.

Flexibility: We support most audio/video formats coupled with variety of options to choose how we deliver your interviews or we could work with you to come up with a plan to meet your unique needs.

Convenience: We can download your audio/video files from your website or send it to us by email, FTP, Dropbox. Completed Transcripts will be digitally archived for your download from our website or send it back to you as per your need.

Affordable Pricing: We take pride in offering special pricing for religious organizations. Our pricing is transparent and informed upfront and is clearly dependent on the file length and your desired turnaround time.

Contact us to avail of our affordable services any time on any day of the week all throughout the year.

Trascription Spot also offers trial offers and bulk order discounts.

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