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General Business

Business transcription

The advancement of internet technology is encouraging online business world, which in turn emphasizes on the need for recording conference calls, video calls and other content among the business team function from various locations of the world.

Conference Call Transcription

The need for conference call transcription is higher in corporate and business firms. It is also majorly required in the educational sectors, law firms and more.

Dictation Services Transcription

TranscriptionSpot never limits our services to a few sectors, while our focus is to provide a wide spectrum of services to all companies and organizations across the world.

Focus Group transcription

Focus group interviews are usually held at the start of the research process in order to broaden the research field, identify key issues, develop themes and developing interview schedules. Focus group interviews offer a quick and efficient way to begin the research process.

Insurance Transcription

Like marketing career, insurance people also need to meet lots of people and talk with them to explain their policies and plans and collect their feedbacks. All these are kept in the audio files, which is recorded. Insurance companies minimize their workload by outsourcing this to the Transcription Spot.

Interview transcription

As a common goal we all need to save time, you spend money to transcribe your research, media, job, press brief interview.

Market Research Transcription

Our Market Research Transcription services aimed at Market Research firms are freelancers with high accuracy, faster turnaround time and competitive prices.

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