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Refund Policy *

Guaranteed Turnaround Terms

In order for us to offer you our money-back guarantee, your audio must meet the following criteria:

  • Your audio must be good quality. Our transcribers listen to a sampling of your audio and determine whether it meets our criteria. We can still transcribe your audio, but it might take longer because it takes the transcribers and editors longer when the audio quality is not as good. For 24 and 48hour turnaround we required prior appointment we will process only if the audio fall under normal / good audio.
  • Audio should have one to three speakers only.
  • Paying for Difficult Audio on these products DOES NOT reinstates the guarantee. It just means the turnaround will be faster, and closer to the deadline than if you didn’t pay for difficult audio. Difficult audio simply takes more time, even when we put more people on the project.
  • You must estimate the length of the audio file correctly. When the length is off, it takes us longer to get your order started.
  • The audio, URL, the URL must be in a supported format.
  • You need to pay with an instant method of payment. We start the clock ticking the second we are notified that you paid for your order. If you pay by e-check, it takes a few business days to clear, and we won’t be able to start on your order until then.
  • If your audio is longer than you paid for, we don’t start working on the file until it is paid in full. We will send a link to you to pay for the additional minutes of transcription.

Addtional Information

If the audio is difficult, we may ask you to add on Difficult Audio to your order, if you have not we will inform through email, if you approve, we will send you separate invoice with difficult charge, If you don’t want to add it difficult charge, we may choose to downgrade your order in order (i.e. 1-2 and 5-day transcription becomes Budget). If you need your file as fast as humanly possible, use the difficult audio option. We cannot guarantee the turnaround, but generally it gets done very quickly except in cases with poor quality audio. No returns and no refunds not covered under the guarantees above.

Trascription Spot also offers trial offers and bulk order discounts.

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