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Audio/Video Transcription

The talented team of TranscriptionSpot takes all the measures to provide best audio-video transcription online at best rates.

Conference Call Transcription

The need for conference call transcription is higher in corporate and business firms. It is also majorly required in the educational sectors, law firms and more.

Corporate training transcription

TranscriptionSpot never limits our services to a few sectors, while our focus is to provide a wide spectrum of services to all companies and organizations across the world.

Legal transcription

Unlike any other transcription, legal transcription demands the knowledge of legal terms, which need to be integrated in the transcribing content.

Business transcription

The advancement of internet technology is encouraging online business world, which in turn emphasizes on the need for recording conference calls, video calls and other content among the business team function from various locations of the world.

Academic transcription

The need for academic transcription is higher in universities and colleges. Research students, faculties, scientists and other teaching professionals hugely requires transcription of education and research based audio video content for reference and teaching purposes.

Financial transcription

When considering finance, it plays the vital role in corporate and business firms. The large enterprises and organizations conduct periodical budget meetings, annual meetings, budget analysis

Dictation Services

Dictations are done by research scholars, lectures, scientists and other professionals, particularly when there is no time for briefing or documenting the content.

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